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Master Fic List

Here is my perpetually updated list of fics and drabbles. They are listed alphabetically.

Last Updated: 13 September, 2012

The Fics

1 + 1 =, Harvey/Mike, PG
Mike looks up at the building before him. It looks the same, everything looks the same, even though his whole world is different now. His heart is beating hard in his chest and his palms feel warm and sweaty and he wasn't this nervous his first day and it's ridiculous to be this nervous now. But he hasn't set foot in this building in seven months, swore he never would again after the last time he walked out. In a slight daze he enters the building. He stops by security and gets a visitor's pass and when the guard points him in the direction of the elevators Mike says, "Thanks, I know my way." [sequel to 7,776,000]

7,776,000, Harvey/Mike, PG
It’s been three months since his life fell apart. Ninety days since Trevor walked into Pearson Hardman and betrayed him to Jessica, a lifetime of friendship over in the blink of an eye. Two thousand, one hundred and sixty hours since he was called into Jessica’s office and she confronted him with the truth he couldn’t deny, couldn’t talk his way out of. One hundred and twenty nine thousand, six hundred minutes since he fell on his metaphorical sword to protect Harvey, the only thing he could do to save the man who put everything on the line for him.

After Yesterday, Trio friendship, Harry/Hermione, PG
Sequel to Before Tomorrow. It’s the day after the final battle with Lord Voldemort....

Afternoon Promise, Harry gen, G
Harry meets the newest member of his family.

All that Matters, Harry/Ron/Hermione, R/NC17
This isn’t normal, what we have. But then again, what about our lives has been normal?

all these riddles that you burn, Dan/Blair, PG
"Dedicated to the one person who will never read this book, and who will never know how much they inspire me, and how much I miss them."

another chance to get it right, Dan/Blair, PG
Blair's second wedding is different from her first in every way, the most significant alteration being that she actually goes through with this one.

back to being, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, PG13
In the years to come, Harry would have no memory whatsoever of what it was they actually talked about. All he would be able to remember was the way his cheeks hurt from smiling so much, the way he almost lost his voice from talking and laughing for hours on end, the way Hermione clutched her stomach as she laughed so hard she nearly cried.

The Balm that Heals a Forlorn Ache, Harvey/Mike, PG
Mike was worried about Harvey, but kept that information to himself. Harvey was a grown man, didn't need and certainly wouldn’t want Mike's concern, so he would stay silent and know that Harvey would speak to him if he wanted to. So he kept everything work related, even when Harvey took the contracts from Mike's grasp and Mike couldn’t help but note the way his hands were shaking slightly.

because it was you, Harvey/Mike, R
There had always been an almost visceral connection between them, a connection based on an unspoken but mutual recognition that there was something in the other that they each needed. But even so, even with everything Mike felt for Harvey he still had never felt anything like this. And the truth was: he had always felt a lot for Harvey. From the second they met it was a never ending rollercoaster of emotions, but never once did he feel anything like desire or lust or want. Although given where he currently finds himself (naked in Harvey's bed and watching the older man sleep beside him) he can't help but question the truth of that statement. Maybe it had always been there, waiting to be discovered, longing to be set free.

Before Tomorrow, Trio friendship, Harry/Hermione, PG
It’s the night before the ultimate battle with Lord Voldemort…

Being Friends, Harry/Hermione, Trio friendship, PG
Sequel to Can’t Go Back. Harry and Hermione are happy and in love. But there is something they just can't let go of.

Body Heat, Harry/Ron, R
Harry and Ron are training to be Aurors and are going through an extreme conditions test - thirty hours alone in an extreme environment with no wands, no food, and only one flask of water. How will they survive the cold night?

bury all your secrets in my skin, Harvey/Mike, PG13
When Rachel finds out the truth about Mike’s past Harvey is confronted with a reality he has never prepared for: the possibility that he could lose Mike.

Can’t Go Back, Harry/Hermione, PG
Sequel to back to being. Two months after their night together, Harry and Hermione deal with the consequences of their actions.

Capacity for Grief, Trio friendship, Remus/Hermione friendship, Ron/Hermione, PG
It felt surreal to Remus, standing in Harry and Ron's bedroom. He hadn’t been here since it happened and he was struck by how normal and happy and unchanged the room looked. It didn’t seem right that this space didn’t reflect the massive trauma that had occurred.

Christmas Gift. James/Georgie, PG
James and Georgie spend Christmas Eve with some friends before James gives Georgie an early Christmas present.

Climb a Ladder to the Stars, Will/Rachel, R
He wishes he could blame it on a trick of circumstance, or simply being in the wrong place at the right time, but the truth is far more simple.

Confusion, Viktor/Hermione, PG13
During the chaos and confusion of war, two people are constantly drawn to each other.

The Couch, Trio friendship, G
Harry had been sitting in silence for the better part of half an hour, pulling on the thread of the couch upon which he sat. He was feeling uncomfortable in this small room, unsure what it was that made him relent into coming here.

Cry, Hermione, Trio friendship, PG
Hermione cries herself to sleep every night.

Culmination, Remus/Hermione, R
His hand slides down a bit, his fingers on her neck as they stare into each others eyes. The tension in the air between them is undeniable and yet neither acknowledges it. Hermione’s breathing is shallow and he can feel the beat of her heart in the blood rushing through her veins beneath his fingers. Hermione slowly lifts her hand, placing it over his, her fingers sliding between his...

Cut and Run, Trio friendship, PG13
When Ron and Hermione can't find Harry, they quickly deduce that he has run away. Will they be able to find him? If they do, can they convince him to come back home with them? (Or, Harry literally cuts and runs)

Dance, Remus/Hermione, PG
Hermione looks up, surprised but genuinely pleased when Remus walks over to her. He smiles down at her and then holds out his hand. “Dance with me?”

Detention, Remus/Hermione, R/NC17
Hermione is acting up and Remus is forced to give her detention.

Dancing Dirt into the Snow, Hermione/??, Surprise Ship, G
Hermione spends the afternoon in the snow with one of her best friends.

dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you., Dan/Blair, PG
She was always the brave one.

dum spiro, spero (while I breath, I hope), Dan/Blair, PG
He is alone in the loft as he dresses in his best suit, preparing for the wedding of the best non-friend he has ever had.

Endure the Darkness , Mulder/Scully, G
They have left behind everything that bought them together, everything that made them who they were, but they are still the same people, and now they can finally say it out loud.

envelopes stuffed with feelings found, Dan/Blair, PG
It takes less than a page to realise who wrote the book. It takes less than a chapter to realise why Eric sent it to her. By the time she has finished reading, it's the middle of the night and she charters a plane home to New York.

Every Second, Harvey/Mike, PG13
Harvey broke so many rules bringing Mike in as his associate and even more starting a personal relationship with him and after months of living and loving in secret Mike couldn’t take the secrecy anymore, felt like his whole life was a lie, and something had to give and in the end it was them that they let go of. It is their blessing and their curse. This job brought them together but it's also what tore them apart.

Exclusively Yours, Harvey/Mike, PG
Harvey turns up to work one Monday morning wearing a wedding ring. No one even knew he was seeing someone. Cue everyone noticing and commenting on the ring, trying to find out who Harvey married...

Family, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG
Hermione paces when she is worried. She bites her lip when she is confused. She pulls her hands into her sleeves when she is nervous.

Flinch, Hermione/Viktor, Hermione/Ron, PG
He couldn’t be here. He just couldn’t. He belonged to her old life, the one she left behind a million years ago, and his being here would throw everything out of balance.

Forget All Your Technicolour Dreams, Dan/Blair, PG
He will forever remember this as the moment that changed everything. And nothing. A love story in a thousand and one words.

Gravitational Pulls and Ungovernable Forces, Harvey/Mike, PG
Harvey watched Mike and Donna chatting amiably as he rolled it around in his mind until two things became unfailingly clear. One, for some reason, he touched Mike more than he touched any other human being on this planet. Two, he had unknowingly been sexually harassing Mike for days, weeks, months.

Grey, Hermione/??, trio friendship, PG13
After everything she had been through - the yearly life-threatening adventures, the battles, the war - she didn’t think it would end this way.

HeadSpin, Harry/Hermione, Adult
He made her head spin.

Hell & Bliss, Remus/Hermione, PG13
Remus stood outside the worn, wooden door, a rush of thoughts running so quickly through his brain that he struggled to hold on to any one of them. I shouldn’t be here. The way she smiled at me. It would never work. I think I’m in love with her.

Here at the end of all things, Harvey/Mike, R/NC17
When he arrives at the Pearson Hardman building the lights are dimmed and the floor is deserted. His feet carry him to Harvey's office even though he expects it to be empty. Because Harvey probably fled the city via helicopter or teleporter or sheer force of will. But when he approaches the office he can see that Harvey is there. He has moved the couch so that it now faces the floor to ceiling windows and Mike silently sits beside Harvey, joins him in looking down at the chaos engulfing the city below. [Apocalypse AU]

Hogwarts Love, Remus/Hermione, PG13
It is a widely acknowledged fact that relationships that begin in school rarely last. They usually tend to be sweet romances, over as soon as the two teens leave school and go into the ‘real’ world. Clearly, Hermione thought, no one had ever told any of the students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this fact.

The Hour is Getting Late, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG
It's the end of a long day in the search for Horcruxes.

How Can I Not?, James/Georgie, PG13
James stepped forward, leaning across and tenderly kissing her cheek, just as he had done a thousand times before. But he couldn’t pull himself away.

If I love you, what business is it of yours? , Harvey/Mike, R
Harvey has been left alone in Mike's apartment and he starts snooping. He discovers a letter adressed to him and not realising it's actually an "in the event of my death" letter he starts reading...

If Their World Was Ending, Ron/Hermione, PG13
Before Harry goes to face Voldemort, he gives Ron and Hermione the only thing he can - time to be together.

in the middle of a brand new world with you, Harry/Ron/Hermione, R
Set after the final battle at Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron find Harry in their old room and promise to always be there for him.

in the other hours, Harvey/Mike, PG
Five times Mike couldn't sleep and the one time he fell asleep when he really shouldn't have.

In Your Eyes, Zac/Nikki, PG
When you looked into my eyes, I felt like you were the only one who saw the real me. You didn’t see who I could be, you didn’t see who you wanted me to be, you saw me, exactly as I am.

Indelible, James/Georgie, PG13
James and Georgie are reunited and discover that while some things never change, some things do.

Into My Arms, Harry/Hermione, R
He looked so sweet and innocent and she could scarcely believe that she was about to experience this amazing thing with her oldest friend.

Into Temptation, Jane Eyre/Edward Rochester, PG
He would not lead me into temptation. But does that mean I wouldn’t walk towards it with my eyes wide open.

It Looks Like Rain, Remus/Hermione, PG
Even though she knew it was kinda silly, Hermione would wish on stars and pray to whoever was listening, hoping to find someone to love. Clearly, she should have added some fine print.

just another twist of fate, Dan/Blair, PG
"A date, with Dan Humphrey." Her face is scrunched up again as she says the words slowly, as though her brain is trying to reconcile having those two concepts in the same sentence.

landmarks to a treasure, Harvey/Mike, PG13
In Harvey's home office there is a desk, solid dark mahogany and pristine, the kind of piece bought not to be used but admired. The top drawer has a brass keyhole and is constantly locked. There are no valuables in the traditional sense hidden there, no stockpiles of cash or diamond studded watches or gold bullions. But the contents of this drawer are all the things Harvey treasures, those keepsakes that tell the story of who he is and how he got to be that way, memories of his past and reminders for his future. No one has seen its contents except Mike. That was the last time he added something (the vows from their wedding day, but more on that later) and Mike asked Harvey to tell him the stories behind every item in the drawer...

Lightning, Harry/Ron, Harry/Ron/Seamus, adult
It was the lightning that woke him up. He hated storms. Always had. They made him terrified – but they also made him bold.

A Little Something More, Daniel/Betty, PG
Over the years it became sorely apparent that she was destined for greater things. But if he was honest, he always envisioned those greater things taking place within a ten-block radius.

Lost & Found, Viktor/Hermione, R
What exactly does one do with the rest of the day once their life’s ambition has been completed?

love consists in this, Harvey/Mike, PG
When clients see Harvey's wedding ring, they pass on their compliments to Harvey's wife, not realising that Harvey's husband is sitting three feet away. This bothers Harvey.

Love is Waiting, James/Georgie, PG
On her 16th birthday an old friend re-enters Georgie's life.

love will come through (it's just waiting for you), Harvey/Mike, PG13
"I just need more time," Harvey says, almost begs. Because he's not ready for this, not yet. He knows, the way he's certain Mike does too, that if they do this, then that's it. For better or worse, this will either make them or completely ruin them. They are standing at the crossroad of that, but he's not yet ready to choose his path.

Maybe Forever, Harry/Hermione, PG13/R
A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other ... maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.

Mine, James/Georgie, PG
How does one ask for something they ought never to have?

Moment of Truth, James/Georgie, PG
Some changes occur slowly, a current so gradual and constant that it is barely noticeable until one day you take a step back form your life and realise what has happened, and the truth calmly becomes clear. Some truths are realised so fast they leave you dizzy and disoriented and grasping for something to hold on to as the certainty of the situation washes over you.

Musings on Shapes, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG13
We had done it. Everyone said we were going to, but we denied it at every mention. And for once, they were right and we were wrong. We had become that which we mocked. A love triangle.

My Happy Thought, Trio friendship, G
Two weeks later and he was still amazed.

Never Again ... Until Tomorrow, Remus/Hermione, PG13
The moon draws him in, even when it’s not full. It is what steals him from the comfort of the bed, from the warmth of her embrace, to the cool night air outside her house.

New York, Viktor/Hermione, G
Hermione had always loved New York.

Night Moves, Sirius/Hermione, R
She has never been good at seduction, but on this most sacred of nights, she feels like she can do anything.

No More Than Reason, Harvey/Mike, R
"Are you mad at me or something?" "Yes," Harvey replied. His immediate and honest answer seemed to throw Mike, like he had been hoping his accusations were false, a misinterpretation of events. But they weren't. He was fucking pissed at Mike.

Not All Rules Are Meant To Be Broken, Harvey/Mike, PG
When this thing between them started they had very clear rules and definitions. It wasn’t to be spoken of to anyone. It wasn’t to be brought into the four walls of Pearson Hardman. They weren't in a relationship, didn’t have feelings for each other, just enjoyed the time they spent together and then went their separate ways. And they were both totally fine with that.

nothing is certain except everything you know can change, Daniel/Betty, PG
Betty Suarez is rarely stunned into silence

The Obvious, Remus/Hermione, PG13/R
Remus took a small step closer, his eyes still locked on hers. They looked at each other for a moment, as if they were each giving the other one last chance to back out of what they somehow knew was going to happen. When Hermione refused to look away, Remus sunk to his knees.

The One Appointment We All Must Keep, Harvey/Mike, PG
Harvey gives Donna a pointed look through the glass and the message is clear: don't listen. She will never disregard a direct order, but that doesn't stop her from watching. Harvey sits down next to Mike and starts talking. His back is to her, so all Donna has to go on are Mike's reactions. And they aren't good.

One More Lifetime Swallowed Up, Harvey/Mike, PG
When Mike realized the calibre of his mistake, experienced that awful moment of clarity when he realized what he had done, he went to Harvey. Because he learnt not only from his mistakes but the mistakes of others, and he trusted Harvey, more than anyone he had ever met, and if there was a way out of this then Harvey would find it. Only he didn't. He tried, Mike knows that he did, but there was no way back, only the inevitable way forward. And when Jessica told him that he was fired he didn't fight or yell or display any other overt emotion. He was eerily calm, because Mike had seen this coming, not just when he realized the gravity of his error, but years before.

The Only Truth, Remus/Hermione, Viktor/Hermione, PG
Four years after saying goodbye, Remus and Hermione meet once more.

Oscar, James/Georgie, R
James accidentally confesses too much in front of a billion people.

Paris, Remus/Hermione, PG
Remus does something cliche.

Prelude, Remus/Hermione friendship, PG
Hermione returns to Grimmauld Place and finds herself being drawn to the person she least expects.

Pretend - One // Two // Three, Remus/Hermione, PG13
“I can’t do it anymore,” Hermione said, taking a step towards Remus.
“Do what?” he asked.
“Pretend,” she breathed as she breached the gap between them and kissed him.

Quandary, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG13
Every problem had a solution. All you had to do was think hard enough and wait long enough and sooner or later the answer would appear.

Rain, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG
And so, while Voldemort walked away, cackling and victorious, Ron and Hermione clutched and cried over their best friend, unmoving on the muddy ground.

Responses, Remus/Hermione, PG13
She loves the responses she can get out of him.

Salvation, Remus/Hermione, adult
She had been kidnapped by their enemy and then turned by her mentor and was now having to leave two people who were essentially her family and she was yet to even cry about anything that had happened to her.

Sanctuary, Tumnus/Lucy, PG
Tumnus was surprised by the soft knock on his door at so late an hour.

Save Me, Trio friendship, Ron/Hermione, PG
Harry is having a bad day.

Scars, Ron/Hermione, PG
With her, it had to be all or nothing.

Second Sight, Viktor/Hermione, PG
Hermione felt her stomach tighten just at the sight of him. He hadn’t changed much in the three years since they had seen each other; same dark hair, crooked nose and intense eyes that made her feel like he was looking into her soul and seeing the real her.

A Series of Small Things. Harvey/Mike, PG
Harvey invites Mike to be his plus-one for a charity benefit. By the end of the evening their relationship will never be the same.

Seventy Days, Harry/Ron/Hermione, adult
After the end of the war, the trio flee the unwanted attention of the wizarding world.

The Shadows Bring the Starlight, Dan/Blair, PG
The sound of her voice on the other end of the line stopped being a surprise a while ago. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t immediately brace himself for whatever drama is coming next.

Shifting Perspectives, Remus/Hermione, PG
Harry & Ron, Molly & Ginny and Fred & George all discuss Hermione and Remus. Everyone sees things differently.

Shouldn’t, Remus/Hermione, PG
Remus and Hermione are alone together in the DADA classroom, having thoughts and feelings they shouldn't be having.

Sleepless Night, Harry/Hermione, PG
After the events of PoA, Harry's life is turned upside down, for more reasons than one.

Fifty random moments that make up a beautiful life together
Viktor/Hermione // Remus/Hermione // James/Georgie // Zac/Nikki // Dan/Blair

There It Shall Remain Forever. Harvey/Mike, PG
This is the story of the night Harvey and Mike get engaged.

They, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG13
They say we need help. That there is still hope for us. But I know that to be a lie. There is no hope for us. We did what we had to do and we did it for them. Isn’t that enough?

They Stood Up For Love, Zac/Nikki, PG
He was generally pretty optimistic, so it felt like the most natural thing in the world to follow his heart with the faith that anyone who really cared about him would be happy for him. But now, he didn’t want to admit it to himself but he was having second thoughts. Could his fans and the industry forgive him for shattering one of Hollywood’s best illusions?

Thin Line, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Adult
There is a thin line between being friends and being more.

Three, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG13
"One might ask how we arrived at this point. It is not an easy story, nor is it a simple one. It’s not like there was one day, a turning point, which set us from the path we were on to the path that has led us here. I think, we were always destined to end up here, ever since the first day we met."

Three Becomes Two, Harvey/Mike, Harvey/Mike/OFC, R/NC17
At this moment Mike cannot regret any decision he has ever made because they have all lead him to this: watching Harvey Specter fuck the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in real life. And to think, the day started out so ordinary.

to be alone, Harvey/Mike, PG
Mike rushes out of the building as quickly as his legs will carry him. But even in the bright city street it still feels too warm, too stuffy, and he can’t breathe.

The True Measure of Love, Harvey/Mike, R
Harvey and Mike reveal the true nature of their relationship to everyone at Pearson Hardman.

this life, this love, Harvey/Mike, PG
"Emmett Callum Specter-Ross... He would sound like his own law firm." "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Twilight, Remus/Hermione, PG
Four years after the death of Sirius, Hermione and Remus share conversation and hot chocolate.

Waiting on a Miracle, Tumnus/Lucy, PG
Lucy is supposed to be celebrating...

Waiting for the Day, Remus/Hermione, PG
Remus Lupin was a man in love.

We Could Break A Silver Lining , Dan/Blair, PG
He bumps into her at a party, over a year since the last time he saw her. He literally bumps into her, tumbling bodies, spilt drinks and all. He reaches out to steady her, an automatic gesture, and it is only then that he sees her face.

Wishing Only Wounds the Heart, Remus/Hermione, PG
Something unexpected happens when Remus and Hermione are on a mission for the Order. But falling in love doesn’t always equal a happy ending.

What Dreams May Come, Harvey/Mike, PG
Mike is the man of Harvey's dreams. Literally. (AU)

When Forever Ends, Trio friendship, PG
Harry thought he had experienced every negative emotion there was: depression, guilt, despair, hatred, loneliness, anger, jealousy. He had felt the entire spectrum of dark feelings course through his body. But he had never felt this – not even when he lost the man he considered to be his family.

Wrong, Harry/Ron, Hermione, Adult
Hermione knew she shouldn’t even be thinking about what she had already made up her mind to do.

You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it, Will/Rachel, NC17
"Will, look at us. We are already so far down this path we can't even see where it started anymore."

Your Secret, Zac/Nikki, PG13
I didn’t understand it then and in truth, with years of contemplation and hindsight, I still don’t understand it now. But against all odds, we became the best of friends. You were everything I could need in one person, in one friend. However I didn’t understand why, out of everyone around, you chose me. Yes, I was your leading lady, but I imagined you would have more in common with someone like Amanda or Elijah. Why did you choose me? And if I knew then what I know now, would I have asked you to choose someone else?

Yours Alone, Harvey/Mike, R
This is the untold story of Harvey and Mike, the moments both great and small which make up a life together. From the first morning they wake up together to their first work function after revealing the truth about their relationship and everything in-between.

The drabbles

Again, Tumnus/Lucy friendship, PG
Lucy misses her friend.

Amazed, ?/?, PG
It is the simple moments that change everything.

At the End, Trio gen, G
It was so instantaneous you could have sworn a cheering charm had been cast upon everyone in the country. One moment there was death and despair and the next there was nothing but light and smiles and embraces.

The Beginning of Everything, Remus/Hermione, PG
He was in the library, of course.

Crossing the Line, Remus/Hermione, PG
To cross a line, first you have to be standing right next to it.

Erase, Harry/Draco, Adult
He wanted to forget it ever happened.

Evening, Uther/Morgana, PG13/R
It was all a prelude.

Fireworks, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG
The sky was bright, alive with colour.

the flash of a firefly in the night, Moritz/Ilse, PG
He envies her spirit.

from the ashes, Dan/Blair, PG
If the Upper East Side was the fire, then they were the phoenix.

His House, Remus/Hermione, PG
She knew how wrong it was to be standing in this room, standing in this house. And yet she couldn’t tear herself away.

Kiss, Viktor/Hermione, G
When Viktor first saw her, a vision in white, her two best friends escorting her down the aisle, he almost forgot to breathe.

Legacy, trio friendship, G
Every person on this earth wants their life to make an impact, wants their life to mean something. But few people have their legacy determined for them before they can even talk.

Some Madness, Will/Rachel, PG
She can feel herself crumbling under his gaze. She doesn’t know how he does it; how all it takes is one look from him and she finds the truth spilling from her lips, words rushing together in the race to be spoken.

Morning, Remus/Hermione, PG
Is there a better way to start the day?

Murmur, Harry/Ron/Hermione, G
Hermione took a deep breath, struck by the sudden feeling that the next word she was about to murmur would change her life. Change their lives. And she wasn’t as scared as she thought she should be.

Name, Remus/Hermione, PG13
What's in a name?

Never Again, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG13
This can’t be happening. Not again. It just can’t.

Night, Remus/Hermione, G
It’s a tense evening, but they are there for each other.

Nightminds, Viktor/Hermione, PG
They wake up screaming some nights.

One Little Sentence, Harry/Hermione, G
It’s one little sentence. Five little words.

Our December, Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG
She listened to the boys in the next room. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but the simple hum of their voices was enough to put a smile on her face.

Perfect Day, Trio friendship, G
He must have been out of his mind. Seriously, as if Hermione and I could let him go off hunting for Horcruxes alone.

Supposed To, Remus/Hermione, PG
Things are just as they should be. Or are they?

Tell Me, Remus/Hermione, adult
"Tell me you don’t want me."

Truth, Remus/Hermione, Remus & Harry friendship, PG13
Harry realises something and he isn't happy about it.

White Christmas, Viktor/Hermione, G
When she met his eyes, he smiled shyly, embarrassed at having been caught so unabashedly mesmerized by her.

Wrapped Around Your Finger, Remus/Hermione, G
She remembered it as though it happened yesterday. That single second. That moment of realisation.

You Crush Me, Harry/Hermione, G
Harry’s desire for Hermione was growing by the second and he knew he had to do something about it.

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Let me know if any of the links don't work. Thanks.

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