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whatever the question

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Harvey's first thought when he wakes up in the morning is: I'm getting married today.

It's still early, so he leaves Mike sleeping beside him and quietly dresses before heading downstairs to the building's gym. It's been too long since he had a good work out (of the non-sexual variety that is), and he keeps a constant pace on the treadmill, wary of not pushing himself too hard on today of all days.

He works out for an hour, and then heads back up to the apartment, heading straight to the en suite to shower. Mike's still in bed when he passes, sleeping soundly.

The next few hours are just so achingly normal that an outside observer would have no idea of the day's significance. Harvey showers and dresses, makes breakfast. Mike stumbles out of the bedroom in his pajamas. They watch the next episode of Battlestar as they eat. Harvey knows intellectually that today is different, but it doesn't feel that way, and he takes it as a good sign. There's no indecision, no worry, just the day lying ready and waiting before them.

Then comes what Harvey internally refers to as the 'errands' portion of the day. They head downtown to his barber and are sufficiently pampered for an hour as Joe gets them cleaned up. Then they hail separate cabs and Mike heads to Rene's while Harvey drives up Fifth Ave. The same salesman from yesterday is working, and when he checks their order he comes back grinning brightly, telling Harvey his ring was resized in time. He tries it on, and it fits perfectly. He watches the salesman give both rings one last polish before they are placed in the one blue Tiffany box.

Harvey makes it back to the apartment first, so he starts packing his bag. There isn't much to pack, since they're only staying one night, but he makes sure to include the essentials. Mike's still not home by the time he's done, and at a loss of what else to do, he collapses on the couch and finds something on his DVR to watch (because there is absolutely nothing of intellectual value on in the middle of a weekday).

Mike arrives home half an hour later, two suit bags slung over his arm. Mike smiles at him as he walks past, presumably to hang the suits up in their walk-in.

"Everything go okay?" Harvey asks when Mike sits down on the couch beside him.

"Yup. You?"


They sit in silence for a few minutes, watching TV. It only lasts for a few minutes before Mike turns to him and says, "Shouldn't we be doing something? It's our wedding day, we shouldn't just be sitting here watching TV."

Harvey laughs. "What do you suggest?"

Mike seems to think about it for a moment before turning back to him with what Harvey can only describe as a wicked grin on his face. Knowing exactly what Mike's thinking, he shakes his head, ignoring Mike's pout.

"How about we go grab some lunch so you don't pass out halfway through the ceremony?" Harvey suggests, and Mike grumbles like he's annoyed, but he's actually the first one off the couch.

They grab a light bite to eat at Harvey's favorite neighborhood restaurant. Mike immediately feels at home, and Harvey marvels at his life, how backwards everything between the two of them happened. He should've taken Mike here on a date, or maybe even a not-date-but-still-hoping-something-happens-anyway meal. And yet, here they are, eating here together for the first time on the day they're getting married. It's completely insane, and yet Harvey wouldn't change a thing. He and Mike have delved head first into situations at a breakneck speed since the moment they met. That's just who they are.

After lunch they head back to the condo. Mike packs his bags while Harvey heads into the walk-in and examines their suits. They look perfect.

"Don't forget your dress shoes," Harvey says, running his fingertips along the sleeve of Mike's jacket.

"I haven't," Mike calls back from the bedroom across the hall where his belongings still live.

"And your cufflinks," Harvey adds.

"Seriously, we aren't even married yet, quit nagging me," Mike says, but Harvey can hear the amusement in his voice.

Harvey chuckles, and when Mike enters the walk-in a few minutes later to get his cufflinks he holds up a hand to Harvey and says, "Not a word."

Harvey mimes a zip over his mouth, grinning the whole time. Mike's packed not long later, and he grabs both their bags while Harvey grabs their suits and they head downstairs to call a cab.

"Do you have the rings?" Mike asks after they slide into the backseat.

"Yes, I have the rings," Harvey says, patting his pocket, and Mike reaches over and does the same, though Harvey can't tell whether it's so he's certain too or if he's just using it as an excuse to cop a feel.

They pull up outside the hotel and a porter takes their bags and suits while they head inside. They go to reception to check in, and once the receptionist finds their booking she says, "I see you've booked the honeymoon suite. Congratulations."

Harvey chuckles, thinking Thanks, Donna. "Thank you, but we're not married yet. Ceremony's still a few hours away."

She places their room card on the desk. "Well in that case, break a leg."

Mike laughs, taking the card. "We'll try."

"We have an appointment with Ellie Hawkins. Do you know where we could find her?"

"I'll let her know you're here," she says, picking up the phone and doing just that.

Harvey and Mike linger together in the lobby for a few moments. There are people coming and going, it's all utterly normal, and Harvey can't help but remember the last time they were here, the day that changed their lives forever.

"It's surreal, huh?" Mike says, and Harvey knows they're both thinking about that day two years ago.

"Yeah," Harvey says, reaching over and squeezing his hand.

Ellie finds them not long later, shaking their hands in greeting and showing them to the Lancemore Room. It's pretty much as Harvey remembered, though they seemed to have moved the furniture around a bit in order to make the space more accessible for their event. Ellie is explaining how it will run, that they have the room from 3pm for their ceremony half an hour later, and they will have light refreshments from 4pm and the room booked until 5pm. A sign will be posted in the lobby in a few minutes to direct their guests, and Harvey gives her the name of their photographer and the Judge marrying them so she can greet them and go through everything they need to know when they arrive.

Harvey does all the talking, because it quickly became apparent that Mike was too busy taking everything in to be of any use. Harvey catches his eye when he talks, and Mike smiles, pleased with the room.

Once all the details are settled, Ellie leaves them alone. "Well?" Harvey asks Mike, who is still meandering around the room, looking at all the details.

Mike smiles, crossing the room and kissing him. "I love it."

They head upstairs to their suite. It's massive, and Harvey thinks it's going to be wasted on them since they're only here one night. They end up in the bedroom, and Harvey notes with gratitude that their suits have already been hung in the closet.

Harvey checks his watch. "So, we have about half an hour to kill until we need to start getting ready. Any ideas?"

Mike wiggles his eyebrows, crossing the room and flopping on the bed, crooking his finger in a 'come here' gesture. Harvey laughs, but kicks off his shoes and crawls onto the bed, leaning down and kissing Mike deeply. Mike returns the embrace, but thankfully doesn't attempt to take things further.

Harvey lies down beside Mike, both of them on their sides to face each other. Harvey runs a hand through Mike's short locks, and Mike sighs, closing his eyes.

"Is it weird that I'm worried that nothing's gone wrong?" Mike murmurs.

Harvey chuckles. "You mean you'd prefer if something had?"

"Of course not. But it just feels so easy. Is it meant to be this easy?"

Harvey nods, even though Mike doesn't see, but then Mike doesn't press for any answer anyway.

They lie together in silence, and Harvey can't get over how right this feels. There are no nerves, no worrying about this being a mistake or considering the possibility that they won't work out. He's enveloped by a sense of certainty, of knowing that this is the best decision he'll make in his whole life.

It's surprisingly easy to lose track of time, just lying there together on top of the covers. Sometimes Mike will close his eyes, and Harvey just stares at his face, maybe runs light fingertips along his jaw line or the curve of his neck. And then Mike will open his eyes, and they just lie there, staring unabashedly at each other. The silence isn't awkward, which speaks volumes to Harvey. He's never liked silence, always thought that if someone wasn't speaking it was because they were too busy planning their next attack. But it was never like that with Mike. From day one they could talk for hours on end or spend half the day working together in his office in near total silence, and it was just so normal. He's never had that with anyone, and he knows now why that is. Only Mike could be that person for him, the one person in the whole world who was meant to fit in his life like he was made for it. Because he was.

When the time comes Harvey rouses Mike with a kiss, saying, "Come on, we should get ready. You go shower first."

Mike slowly blinks his eyes open, nodding and kissing Harvey quickly before grabbing his toiletry bag from his bag on the floor and heading to the bathroom. Harvey seriously considers joining him but decides at this point it would be counterproductive, so when he hears the water running he instead pulls out their suits and lays them on the bed, before going to their bags and pulling out everything else they'll need.

When Mike leaves the bathroom Harvey enters it, grabbing a quick shower. He dries off, wrapping the towel around his waist before re-entering the bedroom, and when he steps into the room the first thing he sees is Mike, buttoning his shirt and looking fucking delectable. He forces himself to look away, instead heads to the bed and begins dressing.

When Harvey is dressed in everything bar his jacket, he looks over at Mike to find the younger man fighting a losing battle with his bowtie. Smiling indulgently, he crosses the room and stands in front of him, taking the task from his hands. Mike smiles in gratitude, and Harvey can feel his gaze on his face while he ties the bowtie.

"Is it weird you're helping me dress for our wedding? In fact, come to think of it, shouldn't we have spent the night apart and not seen each other until the ceremony or something?"

Harvey can't help but laugh. "Really? Given how everything happened between us to get us to this point are you seriously worrying about tradition now?"

Mike chuckles in resignation, and task done, Harvey steps back to admire his handiwork. He's overwhelmed by the vision in front of him: Mike's pale skin against the dark suit, the color of his jacket making his blue eyes even brighter, his lips quirking into a small smile.

"How do I look?" Mike asks, arms wide. Harvey can tell he's going for cocky but it comes out much more honest, and Harvey only has one word. "Perfect."

Mike laughs, breaching the gap between them to cup his hands lightly on Harvey's cheeks, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. "Who knew you were so sappy?" he says between kisses.

"Hey, Mike?" Harvey murmurs, not pulling his mouth away.


"Let's go get married."

Mike nods, but makes no move to go anywhere, just keeps kissing him. Harvey stops their embrace, forehead pressed to Mike's for a moment before he steps back. He heads to the bed and shucks on his jacket, doing one last check in the mirror. Mike joins him, adjusting his tie and brushing the length of his suit jacket.

"Okay," Harvey says, taking his hand. "Let's go."

Harvey leads them out of the room, and they're halfway across the suite when Mike says his name. He looks back at Mike, who's grinning when he says, "The rings?"

Harvey freezes for a moment before letting go of Mike's hand, going back to the bedroom to get the rings, pointedly ignoring Mike's laughter the whole time.

When they make it to the library room everyone's already there, mingling happily. The first people Harvey sees are his father and brother, and then he's quickly distracted by two small people screaming his name as they run across the room to him. Overjoyed, Harvey meets them halfway, crouches down and opens his arms, and Owen and Maisie fling themselves at him with abandon.

"Hey you two," he says. "Where's my kiss?"

Maisie quickly kisses him, but Owen of course doesn't, so Harvey rains as many kisses as he can on his face.

"Uncle Harvey, look at my princess dress," Maisie says, stepping back and grabbing at her skirt.

"Wow, don't you look beautiful," Harvey tells her, and she nods excitedly. And then he turns his attention to Owen, who's wearing dark jeans and a white shirt with fake tie, and he adds, "And look at you, little man."

Owen looks like he's about to say something, but then he looks over Harvey's shoulder and exclaims, "Mike!"

Harvey turns and sees Mike standing there, watching the three of them, his face full of love and longing and Harvey's suddenly overcome with a vision of Mike cradling their child in his arms. He shakes the thought away as Owen and Maisie run over to greet Mike, and he stands, heads over to Nate and greeting him with a hug.

"I'm so glad you're here," Harvey says earnestly. "And the kids."

"Of course," Nate replies with a grin.

Harvey hugs his father in greeting, before pulling Nate away for a moment.

"Look, Nate," Harvey says, voice low, "we're not really doing the whole 'best man' thing, but I wanted to let you know if we were I'd want it to be you."

"Harvey," Nate smiles, touched.

"And we do still need someone to be the official witness on the paperwork. I was hoping you'd be our witness."

Nate's grin widens. "Of course. I'd be honored."

"Thanks," Harvey says, clapping him on the shoulder. "I should go say hello to everyone. Talk to you in a bit."

Harvey heads over to Jessica and Donna, both of them looking sufficiently resplendent, and they chat for a few minutes. The photographer arrives not long later, and Donna introduces Rose to Harvey and Mike. They very briefly go over a plan for the rest of the day, talking about location options for after the ceremony. Harvey says he doesn't care where they go, as long as they don't look ridiculously posed. Rose laughs, assures him the photos will look completely natural, that they won't even know she's there.

Harvey and Mike mingle for a few minutes, and despite Rose's protests Harvey does indeed notice her taking pictures of everyone. And then Anthony finds him, asks if everyone is here, are they ready to begin? After doing a quick search of the room and determining that yes, everyone is here, he nods to Anthony before heading across the room to grab Mike.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention, we're ready to begin," Anthony announces, stepping to the front of the room.

Everyone immediately hushes, shifting to form a kind of semi-circle as Harvey and Mike head over to stand in between Anthony and their friends and families. There's no music, no aisle to walk down, just Harvey and Mike standing there, looking at each other, and Harvey can't imagine anything more perfect. Mike winks at him, and Harvey grins back in return.

"It is my honor to be here today, to welcome you to witness Harvey and Mike joining together in the bond of matrimony. I've had the pleasure of knowing Harvey for longer than either of us will ever admit. In that time I've found him to be honest and fiercely loyal. I've known Mike for a much shorter time, but even from our few meetings I know that he is intelligent, fair, deeply caring. It is these qualities that show how well suited they obviously are for each other."

Harvey reaches over and grasps Mike's hand.

"I don't think anyone will mind me saying it was a bit of a surprise getting the call from Harvey, asking me if I would perform this marriage. I had no idea they were even seeing each other. But despite my surprise, what I can say is this: I've seen Harvey and Mike work together as a team that is nigh on unbeatable. When they set their hearts and minds to something they achieve it, and I have no doubt whatsoever that they will live a happy and long life together."

Mike smiles at him, at the promise of such words, and Harvey simply squeezes his hand in silent reply.

"Given how quickly this whole thing has happened, I'm going to take a page out of Harvey and Mike's book and not waste any time on unnecessary words. So let's get straight to it. Harvey, Mike, do you have your vows ready?"

Harvey turns his attention from Anthony and looks at Mike. Mike has an expression that Harvey knows mirrors his own, and they simultaneously burst into laughter.

"I knew there was something we forgot," Mike says, still laughing.

"Let's blame our wedding planner," Harvey suggests, looking back to Donna, who of course reacts with the requisite indignation.

"Seriously, I cannot do everything for you," she tells them, and the whole room is chuckling at them.

"We can just skip to the rings if you'd like," Anthony says, obviously trying not to laugh.

"No no, it's fine. We're lawyers, we're used to thinking on our feet. Right, Mike?"

"Right," Mike nods.

"Good. You first," Harvey says grinning.

Mike just laughs at him. But after they grin stupidly at each other for a few moments they both sober, turning to face each other. The only thing in the world that matters is Mike staring into his eyes as he starts talking. "This is so weird. I mean, in some ways it feels like we've been together forever and in other ways it feels no longer than four days." Harvey grins at the joke no one but the two of them will ever understand. "You know, I could talk about everything that lead us to this point, but the thing is, no one but you would understand. No one could ever understand what we've gone through together, how we managed to end up here. And it cannot be understated how much you've done for me. I love you so much, not just for who you are, but for who you've helped me become. Because you've made my life better, Harvey. You've made me love my life, for really the first time. You helped me become the man I always wanted to be, and you've done it just by being you, by being open and generous and all those things you pretend you aren't. So I guess I just want to say thank you, thank you for choosing me, for letting me love you, and I promise I'm going to spend every day loving you with every fiber of my being."

Harvey desperately wants to reach over and kiss Mike, to hold on tight and never let go. But he doesn't get the chance, because Anthony says his name, prompting him.

"You know, I thought I'd be more scared or nervous about this. I kept waiting for the cold feet and anxiety but it never came. Because I'm not scared at all - I know this is the right thing to do. People have always assumed I'd never get married because I couldn't make the commitment, or because I didn't believe in it. The truth is that I've always believed in and wanted a marriage, but I also wanted to make sure it was with the right person. You are the right person, Mike. You've been the right person since the day we met, and I'm so glad we found each other, and that I waited all these years for you to come along. Because I know that whatever happens, you and me, we're in this together, always."

Mike looks like he's trying not to cry, and Harvey can relate. He didn't think it would feel like this. He feels like he's flying with the joy of it all, the way he can feel the future spread out before them, countless days full of love and laughter, and he cannot fucking wait.

Harvey hears what is an unmistakable sniffle from somewhere, and he looks to their audience, is greeted with nothing but smiling faces and shining eyes. And it's enough, he thinks, to have this, to be so surrounded by this love. It's more than he could ever ask for.

"Do you have the rings?" Anthony asks, and Harvey pulls them from his pocket, opens his palm flat for Mike to take his ring.

"Harvey, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to keep him, to be faithful to him, to love and comfort him, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse until death do you part?"

"I do," Harvey says, eyes locked on Mike as he slides the ring onto Mike's finger, never to be removed.

"Mike, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to keep him, to be faithful to him, to love and comfort him, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse until death do you part?"

"I do," Mike says, voice hoarse, and his hands cradle Harvey's own as he slides the ring onto Harvey's left ring finger.

Harvey keeps hold of Mike's hands, tangles their fingers together. They stand there grinning at each other while Anthony speaks.

"You have expressed your love and commitment through the vows you have taken today and with the exchanging of rings. It now gives me great pleasure to pronounce you joined in this sacred union. You may now kiss."

Harvey doesn't need telling twice. He leans forward, and Mike, in a complete encapsulation of their entire relationship, meets him halfway. Their lips press together, and he's vaguely aware of wrapping his hands around Mike's waist, of Mike's hands cradling his face, of the cool metal of Mike's ring against his skin, of the sound of applause and cheering from their friends and family...

But the most important thing is that when they break away, Harvey opens his eyes and he sees Mike looking back at him. Mike grins at him, looking as happy as Harvey feels, and Harvey can't help it, leaning back in and kissing his husband once more.
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