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whatever the question

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Harvey is happy.

He's never really been happy before. He'd been pleased, content, proud, and his default state of being 'not unhappy'. But this is different. It's a feeling that radiates through his entire body, spreading over every portion of his life. Work is going well, his family is happy and healthy, and he's in love with a man who, incredibly, loves him back.

He wants the feeling to last forever.

Harvey is never blindly optimistic. He's always if not expecting, then at least anticipating and preparing for the worst. Only a fool would put too much faith in things turning out well in this day and age. But sitting around the dinner table, eating good food and laughing with the three people he loves most in the world, he can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, things will work out.

And he decides he's going to do everything in his power to ensure that will happen.

So, hours later, when he and Mike are lying in bed, Harvey just needs to ask. Mike is lying between his legs, head on Harvey's stomach. He's pressing light kisses on Harvey's skin, while Harvey idly threads his fingers through Mike's hair.

He's more nervous than he'd thought he'd be, but he won't let that stop him. He takes a deep breath, before murmuring Mike's name. The younger man looks up at him, chin pressing into the skin of his stomach, and Harvey asks, "Will you marry me?"

Mike looks at him, confused. "I thought we were already getting married."

"I know, but I mean now. Like, this week."

Mike lifts his head up. "Are you serious?" he asks, unsure but excited.

Harvey nods. "Not to get all rom-com on you, but when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone-"

"Oh my God are you seriously quoting When Harry Met Sally to me right now?" Mike asks, laughing.

Harvey chooses to ignore that and says, "So is that a yes?"

Mike just looks at him, kind of adoring and pitying all at once, and says, "Of course it's a yes."

And then Mike is kissing him, pressing their bodies together, and Harvey has one brief moment where he thinks that this could well be the happiest moment in his whole life before Mike's body slides against his and all rational thought leaves him.

The next morning, Harvey leaves Mike sleeping in their bed, and after slipping into his pajamas and detouring to the bathroom to freshen up, he pads downstairs to the kitchen. He moves around the kitchen easily enough, pulling ingredients and pans and making breakfast. Gordon wanders into the room about halfway through, so Harvey makes some extra for him and Nate before digging around in the cupboard to find a breakfast tray. He pours a glass of water and loads up a plate with golden French toast, taking the tray upstairs.

Mike looks up at him, smiling sleepily and rubbing at his eyes like a child, when Harvey enters the room. Harvey kicks the door closed behind him as he enters, shuffling over to the bed and waiting for Mike to sit before he places the tray over his lap.

"Seriously?" Mike says, looking between his breakfast and Harvey.

"Happy anniversary," Harvey says, and he can see Mike think about it for a moment before the penny drops.

Mike laughs. "I can't believe it's only been two weeks since this all started. Feels like a lifetime already."

"I really hope you mean that in a good way," Harvey deadpans.

"Of course I do. I can barely remember anything before that because it pales into insignificance compared to being with you."

Harvey wants to say something in reply, but instead finds himself kissing Mike, pouring every ounce of love he feels into that one embrace. And when they separate Mike smiles at him, like he heard Harvey loud and clear.

They eat breakfast in bed, and they're only halfway through when Mike asks, "Did you mean what you said last night?"

Harvey isn't exactly sure to which specific part Mike is referring, but he replies honestly, "Every word."

Mike takes a deep breath before smiling at Harvey. "So we're really gonna get married this week?"

Harvey nods. "As soon as possible."

"What are we going to tell your dad and brother?"

"The truth. That we can't wait, and we're going home to New York to get married. I'd like them to be there if possible – if that's okay with you?"

"Of course it is. I want them there too. And Owen and Maisie as well."

Harvey nods. "Hopefully Jemma will let Nate bring them down for the day."

"When are we going to tell them?"

Harvey thinks about it for a moment before deciding, "No time like the present. Come on."

So they get out of the bed, Mike dressing while Harvey stacks the plates and cutlery onto the tray. When they head downstairs Nate and Gordon are lounging on the couches in the main living room, Gordon reading the paper and Nate flicking through his ipad. Harvey can hear Mike greet them as he detours to the kitchen to leave their dishes in the sink before returning to the lounge and collapsing onto the couch beside Mike. Gordon looks up at them, and does a kind of double take when he looks at Harvey, like he can tell something's up.

This is confirmed when he puts the paper aside and says, "What is it?"

Nate looks up, curious, and Harvey splits his gaze between them when he says, "Mike and I are going back home to New York today."

"I thought you were staying for the week?" Gordon asks.

"We were. But..." Harvey looks at Mike, who smiles encouragingly at him. "We want to get married. This week. I'm sorry for cutting short the Specter family bonding time, but we can't wait, and we were hoping you'd come down to New York for the wedding."

"Are you serious?" Nate asks, and Harvey can't tell whether the question has a good or bad connotation. The question is quickly answered, because Mike is nodding and Nate is getting up off the couch, grinning like an idiot and crossing the room. "That's awesome. I am so there."

Harvey chuckles as he stands to hug his brother. Nate squeezes him tightly before pulling back and clapping Harvey on the arm.

"Any chance Owen and Maisie could be there too?" Harvey asks quietly, trying to keep his voice nonchalant. He knows how difficult it is for Nate, not having full custody, having his kids missing from important events and milestones, and he doesn't want him to feel in any way guilty or sad about it. But this is going to be one of the biggest days in Harvey's life, and he wants his whole family there.

"I'll see what I can do," Nate replies with a tight smile.

Harvey nods, and Nate immediately moves to pull Mike up from the couch to embrace him. Harvey watches for a moment, the image tugging at his heart strings, before his attention is pulled to his father. Gordon smiles warmly at him, and even though they don't speak he knows exactly what he's saying, how happy he is for Harvey, how proud he is of him. Harvey doesn't say anything, just smiles and embraces his father, taking a moment to bury his face in his shoulder as his dad's hand briefly cups around the back of his neck, a gesture Harvey remembers from childhood.

When they let go Gordon crosses the room to Mike, shakes his hand warmly. Harvey sees his dad lean in and whisper something to Mike, and he doesn't know what was said, only that it was short and made Mike smile softly, ducking his head as he nodded.

"When are you going?" Nate asks.

Harvey looks to Mike, who nods at him. "Right away."

Mike feels an unexpected emptiness as they drive away from Gordon's home, the house becoming smaller and smaller in the car's side mirror.

He never could have imagined when they drove up the driveway that first day that they'd be leaving this way. He's lived a lifetime within those walls. Everything is different now, and this small corner of the world will forever hold a special place in his heart. He's excited to be going back to New York, to be beginning his new life with Harvey, but he's also nervous about leaving this safe little bubble.

They're both quiet in the car, and Harvey reaches over and squeezes his thigh. Mike knows Harvey's feeling the same as he is, so he picks up Harvey's hand and presses a lingering kiss to the back of it.

When they arrive in New York they don't even go home first, just head straight to the City Clerk's office to obtain their marriage license. The queues are tedious, the paperwork even more so, but after several draining hours they walk out of the building, marriage license in hand.

Harvey drives them back to the car club to return the car, and Mike hails a cab and bundles all their belongings into it while Harvey deals with signing the car back in. They collapse into the back of a grimy cab, and Mike waits for some derisive comment from Harvey about the state of the car, but when he looks over at him he's just sitting there, half pressed against the door, eyes closed. Mike just smiles and leaves him be.

It's weird, walking into Harvey's condo (he almost thinks their condo, but it's still too surreal, and, more to the point, this will always be Harvey's condo). He's always loved it here, and despite Harvey's reluctance to even let him in the door the first few times he crossed the threshold, he's always felt at home. But it's different this time. This is his home now. It's not just somewhere he likes to hang out, it's not somewhere he's going to live to keep up a charade. It's real, it's permanent, and as terrifying as the thought is, he's just mostly overwhelmed by happiness.

So as soon as they're inside Mike just drops his bag, crowds into Harvey's space, and kisses him. He wraps his arms around the older man's shoulders, presses their bodies together as the kiss deepens. Harvey's hands press into the dip of his back, fingers grabbing at the material of his hoodie. Mike pushes them towards Harvey's (their) bedroom, fingers deftly undoing shirt buttons as they go, so as soon as they enter the room he can pull the offending fabric from Harvey's body. His hands immediately go to the button on Harvey's jeans, but they still when he's distracted by Harvey's mouth sliding down his neck. Mike does his best to strip Harvey while Harvey does his best to distract him, and it's all so ridiculously perfect.

"I've thought about this a lot," Mike says, before he even realizes it, and Harvey pulls back, eyes sparkling at him.

"Yeah?" Harvey asks, unzipping his hoodie and pushing it from his shoulders. His hands slip under Mike's tee, fingertips skating along his stomach.

"Are you kidding? All those times I'd show up here unannounced and some woman was lurking in your bedroom... I was completely jealous."

Harvey grins. He pulls Mike's top over his head before leaning in and kissing him. "What did you think about?"

But Mike ducks his head, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Though he's not ashamed of his fantasies, he's definitely intimidated by Harvey's experience, and he doesn't want to come off in any way juvenile or pedestrian. So he doesn't answer, instead focusing on pushing Harvey's jeans down his hips.

"Do you want me to tell you what I thought about you?" Harvey asks, teasingly.

"I want you to get naked, that's what I want," Mike deadpans, and Harvey laughs.

Harvey steps back to kick off his shoes. Mike had already gotten rid of his in the other room, so he pulls off his own socks, pants and boxers, and as soon as Harvey is naked he breaches the gap between them, pressing his mouth to Harvey's as he walks Harvey to the bed. He follows Harvey down onto the soft mattress, whole bodies pressed together as they make out lazily.

Mike had been in a hurry before, felt a driving need to claim this room as their own, to cleanse it of the memory of everyone else who had crossed its threshold. But he doesn't feel that anymore. He doesn't care about anyone else who got here before him, because he's here now, and more importantly, no one else will be here after him. So now he wants to go slow, to make this last, to remember every moment and touch. His fingers card through Harvey's soft hair, body moving easily against his. He can feel them both hardening, and he pulls his mouth away with only minor reluctance, pressing his mouth to Harvey's neck, slowly working his way down to his chest.

"Okay, so tell me," Mike murmurs against his skin.

"Tell you what?" Harvey asks, and when Mike looks up it's to see the older man grinning at him, like he knows exactly what Mike's asking but he wants Mike to actually say it.

And Mike decides this is no time for unnecessary stubbornness, so he says, "Tell me how you thought about us," before returning to his task, trailing his tongue lightly down Harvey's stomach, feeling the skin flutter beneath him.

"I thought about everything," Harvey tells him. "I thought about how we'd get together, all the different ways it could happen. I imagined our first kiss. I pictured you in my mind when I got myself off, your mouth and body and hands and cock."

Mike groans. He bites gently into Harvey's skin, and the older man gasps.

"I thought about us in this bed, how you'd look riding my cock, hands pressed to my chest, your pale skin glistening as you tried to hold out as long as possible," Harvey continues, and the words are like an electric current through Mike's body. He looks up at Harvey as he wraps a hand around his cock, starting to pump. Harvey keeps Mike's gaze as he keeps talking. "I thought about lazy Sunday mornings where we're curled up on the couch, making out and getting each other off with languid hand jobs. I thought about how it'd feel when you pushed into me, so full and hard, me rubbing into the sheets, desperate for friction. I thought about-"

Mike cuts him off with a kiss, deep and dirty. "Stop talking," Mike says, pressing his body hard into Harvey's.

Harvey moans before flipping them over, grinding their bodies together. It feels like Harvey's hands are everywhere and Mike's body feels warm, fire coursing through his veins. Harvey is nibbling on Mike's collarbone when Mike says, "I want you to fuck me."

Harvey's head instantly flies up. He's looking at Mike, concerned and uncertain, but Mike can see the hints of excitement lurking there. "Are you sure you're ready for that?"

Mike nods. "I trust you," he tells him, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his lips. "I love you." He grazes his teeth along Harvey's chin. "I want you." He runs the tip of his tongue down Harvey's neck and, as soon as he starts making his way back up, Harvey meets him halfway, thrusting his tongue into his mouth in a deep kiss.

"I love you so fucking much," Harvey says against his lips, before diving in again.

When Harvey finally breaks away it's to lean over and reach into his bedside table to get out the appropriate paraphernalia. So clearly they are done talking about it, which relieves Mike, because he thinks if he had to talk Harvey into it, insist that he was ready, the mere act of talking about it might bring the nerves to the surface and he'd end up talking himself out of it. He's nervous, of course he is, but he meant what he said. He wants this, wants it with Harvey, doesn't want to wait any longer.

Harvey tosses the condom and lube on the bed beside them before returning to Mike. He acts like he's going in for a kiss before moving away at the last moment, instead pressing his mouth to the center of Mike's chest. He's not slow, which puts Mike at ease, because now that the decision's made he's desperate for it, doesn't want to drag this out to a near torturous state.

Harvey's fingers wrap lightly around the base of his cock before his mouth sinks down. Mike moans, rather loudly actually, as Harvey begins driving him insane with a near inhuman level of suction and a tongue that does things Mike didn't even know were possible. Just when Mike thinks he might lose his mind, Harvey pulls off to mouth at his balls. Mike's toes curl in the sheets, his whole body writhing, unsure if he wants more or less friction.

His mouth returns to his cock, licking up the shaft before sinking down, and then Mike feels the light pressure of Harvey's finger at his hole. He tenses slightly at the touch, from surprise more than anything else, but he eases into the touch. His finger is slick as it plays, skimming over a few times before gently breaching the ring of muscle.

Mike's tried this on himself a few times, so it's not a completely foreign concept, yet it still feels kinda new. Because the angle is different, Harvey's finger is slightly larger, and Mike has no control, doesn't know what to expect. But Harvey, not that Mike will ever tell him this, is a master at pretty much everything he does, and this is no different. He pushes in, slow but steady, and Mike can't breathe, so overwhelmed by the dual sensations.

Harvey pulls out, just focuses on the cock in his mouth for a few moments before pushing in again. His movements are quicker this time, and he soon adds a second finger. Mike can feel his breath hitching, so focused on the sensation of Harvey inside him.

Harvey is pressing soft kisses everywhere - his inner thighs, hips, lower stomach - as he continuously works Mike open. But Mike doesn't want to wait anymore. He's waited for years for this moment, and he can't wait any longer.

"Harvey," he manages to rasp out. There are other words, so many things he wants to say, all flowery words and declarations, but it seems he's incapable of speech beyond that one word. So he says it again. "Harvey."

The older man looks up at him, and Mike makes a concerted effort to lift his head and look at him. With a quick nod Harvey withdraws, and grabs the condom. Mike just stares at his face the whole time Harvey readies himself, and he's surprised to see a hint of nervousness there. But Mike doesn't have long to analyze that, because Harvey's put on the condom and added some extra lube and is crowding over Mike, kissing him deeply. He tastes vaguely different than before, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

He can feel Harvey positioning his body as they kiss, and Harvey breaks away with one final, "Are you sure?"

Mike nods, raising a leg so it hitches over Harvey's hip, and Harvey pushes up onto his hands before reaching back down between them, positioning his cock at Mike's hole. And then he pushes in, slow but sure.

It doesn't hurt, it's just so different to anything he's experienced. Harvey stills inside him for a moment, allowing him to adjust. Mike looks up at Harvey, smiling softly. The moment feels like so much more than the simple mechanics of what's happening. It's the culmination of everything, not just the last couple of years, but their entire lives before that. Mike had said he didn't believe in fate, but he's not so sure anymore, because something inside him says that this right here, it was meant to be.

Harvey returns his smile, leaning down and kissing him before he starts moving. Mike moans, part surprise and part pleasure. His head pushes back into the pillow, eyes closed, all the better to concentrate on the sensation of Harvey moving inside him.

"Are you good?" Harvey asks.

"So. Fucking. Good."

It feels incredible. It's all new and full and slide and Mike can't breathe. His hands scramble along the dampening plane of Harvey's back, his body moving instinctively to counter Harvey's thrusts.

Harvey whispers, "Breathe, Mike," into his ear, and Mike makes a concerted effort to do just that, taking in a large lungful of air. Harvey presses quick kisses along his jaw line, and Mike tilts his head, kisses Harvey deeply.

He can feel the arousal pooling in his belly, his skin tingling with it. He pulls himself up, pushes Harvey down, presses their bodies even closer together. Harvey's thrusts are becoming slightly erratic, the change in tempo and pressure sending him hurtling ever closer to the brink. He feels like his blood is boiling as it flows through his veins, his whole body on fire as it's overloaded with sensations.

"Talk to me," Mike says, because he himself can't find the words, but he wants to be enveloped by the sound of Harvey's richly timbered voice.

"You feel amazing," Harvey says, without hesitation. "Better than I ever imagined."

Mike's body feels flushed, his breath coming in short hitches. He's never felt more alive.

"I love you."

Mike gets his lips to Harvey's neck, all tongue and teeth, and Harvey tips his head and kisses him.

"Are you close?" Harvey asks, lips brushing Mike's because he refuses to move any further away.

Mike nods, managing to sneak a hand between their slick bodies to wrap around his cock. He feels oversensitive from having it trapped between their bodies, caught in the slick slide friction, and he can't help but moan.

Harvey changes the angle, just slightly, thrusts slightly more shallow but in quickening pace. Mike's own hand starts to pump, and he tries to keep in rhythm with Harvey but it's no easy task.

"Fuck, Mike," Harvey groans, and he pushes in deep, crying out as he comes.

Mike can feel his impending orgasm threatening to break free, and he clutches desperately at Harvey, body going slightly rigid as he comes. The release feels amazing, and Mike appreciates the moment of utter stillness as they are both wrapped around and in each other. But then he falls back to the bed, a lungful of breath escaping his lips, and Harvey carefully withdraws to collapse on the bed beside him. All Mike knows is his damp skin and the sound of their breathing, and it feels like home.

When Harvey wakes up in the morning he presses a kiss to Mike's shoulder blade before slipping from the bed, pulling on some pajama pants and a t-shirt and padding to the lounge. He grabs his cell phone from his bag, still sitting in the middle of the room where he'd dropped it yesterday, and calls the Chilton Hotel.

They don't seem to take him seriously at first, but he soon makes it clear that yes, he really wants to book the Lancemore Room for a wedding asap, tonight if at all possible. They put him on hold and came back a minute later saying the room is available tomorrow afternoon.

Harvey books it straight away.

Task one complete, he makes breakfast. The smell seems to rouse Mike from sleep, because he appears just as it's ready, stumbling sleepily into the room. He heads straight for the kitchen. Mike kisses Harvey briefly, moving away before seemingly changing his mind and going back in for another kiss, deeper this time. Harvey chuckles against his lips before playfully pushing him away, ushering him to the table so they can eat.

After breakfast, while Mike is showering, Harvey calls in reinforcements. When Mike's done in the bathroom Harvey jumps in the shower, and he's dressed and just starting to go over the plan with Mike when Donna arrives.

She comes bearing coffee, and Mike grins when he sees her, taking the coffee from the cardboard tray and pressing a kiss to her cheek. Harvey can tell Donna's surprised by the gesture, and when Mike is walking away she smiles softly at his retreating figure. But then she catches Harvey watching and her face is instantly schooled. Harvey doesn't do her the disservice of mocking her, and besides, given how he's been looking at Mike lately, who is he to talk?

"So, you're back early," Donna says once they've settled on the couch, and Harvey can hear the implied question actually being asked – why are you back early?.

"Donna, we need your help," Mike says.

"Of course you do," Donna says matter-of-factly. "What for this time?"

"We're getting married. Tomorrow."

Donna looks back and forth between them a few times. Harvey can tell they've surprised her, and he revels in the moment, because it's such a rare one. But then she nods, takes a sip of her coffee before putting it aside and pulling her tablet out of her designer bag.

"Okay, so I take it you need me to help plan." At Harvey's nod, Donna taps out a few things on the tablet and then asks, "So what have you organized so far?"

"We've booked the library room at the Chilton for the ceremony, and that's about it."

If Donna seems fazed by the sheer amount of work to do in a day and a half, she doesn't show it. Hell, knowing the kind of feats she pulls off at work, this is probably not the most amount of work she's had to do in such a small timeframe.

"So we need to organize a justice of the peace, reception venue, guest list, suits, rings, photographer, gift registry, flowers, cake... Anything else?"

"What else could there be?" Mike asks, and when Harvey glances over at him he looks sufficiently freaked out by the sheer volume of things to be done. But really, Harvey's thought about this, and it's not going to be as complicated as Mike thinks.

"Mike, if it's okay with you, I say we keep things simple." Mike nods vehemently, making Harvey smile. "Okay," Harvey says, turning to Donna. "You can start by taking the flowers and cake off the list. It's only going to be small, there's no need for any of that. The gift registry too - we really don't need any random kitchen appliances. I'll call Anthony Morrison and see if he's free to perform the ceremony. I say we book a restaurant for the reception, just have dinner with everyone afterwards."

Mike looks relieved already. "Sounds good to me."

"Do we really need a photographer?" Harvey asks, to no one in particular.

"Yes," Donna and Mike say in unison. Mike adds a ,"Jinx," which Donna ignores in favor of saying, "Trust me, you might not think it's necessary now, but in a few years you'll be thanking me for it." She looks down to her list for a moment, and then gets her fingers poised to type as she asks, "So, first things first, guest list?"

"Gordon, Nate, Owen and Maisie," Mike says, earning a grin from Harvey.

"You and Jessica, obviously," Harvey adds.

"Rachel, Harold. I'd like to invite Jenny, she's still one of my best friends."

"You seriously want to invite your ex to our wedding?" Harvey asks, eyebrow raised.

Mike just laughs. "I know you are in no way threatened by my relationship with Jenny."

"But what if she decides you're her last chance at happiness and she tries to steal you back and you run off into the sunset like some cliché romantic comedy?" Harvey asks jokingly (okay, like ninety percent jokingly).

Mike just looks at him, before standing from the couch and advancing on him. Harvey automatically leans back at the approach, pressing into the back of the couch, and apparently that's exactly what Mike was hoping for, because he sinks down into Harvey's lap, fingertips light as they cradle his face, lips brushing together in a kiss that Mike wastes no time deepening. Harvey doesn't even care that they have an audience, hands automatically resting on Mike's thighs, lips moving easily against his.

When Mike breaks away, there's no smile or glint in his eyes. It's completely serious and earnest. His fingertips trail lightly down the short stubble of Harvey's cheek and he whispers, "No one will ever come between us. You're it for me, okay?"

Harvey nods, and then Mike does smile.

"And the only rom-com cliché's I'm interested in are the ones you randomly sprout when you ask me to marry you."

Harvey chuckles, kissing him again. By the time they're done and Mike climbs off him, sitting down beside him on the couch, Donna isn't even looking at them, too focused on the screen in front of her. She does, however, in the silence that follows, ask, "Are you done?" without even looking up from her screen.

"Yeah," Harvey says, winking at Mike.

"Okay, so here's the plan," Donna says, finally looking up at them. "Harvey, you're in charge of organizing the judge, or finding a backup if he's not available. Mike, you can go and get the rings. It's too late for invitations, so you can split up the list of invites and call everyone. You'll both need to go and see Rene today to organize your suits. I'll look for available restaurants and photographers and create a shortlist for you to choose from when you're done with everything else. Sound good? Anything else I've missed?"

"We should book accommodation for your family at the Chilton," Mike says to Harvey.

Donna is already making notes, and Harvey nods, adding, "You should probably book something for us too."

"You don't wanna come back home?" Mike asks.

"Chances are we'll end up at a restaurant on the other side of the city. I'd rather we have somewhere close by at the end of the night."

Mike grins at him, reaching over and placing a hand on his thigh. Donna has already pulled out her cell and is dialling someone, so Harvey looks back at Mike and says, "Is that everything?"

"I think so. I've never planned a wedding before. I have no framework of reference or basis for comparison. If we've forgotten something I have no idea what it is," Mike chuckles.

Harvey shrugs nonchalantly. "It's doesn't matter. As long we end the day married then everything else is just trimming."

When Donna gets off the phone she informs them she's set up an appointment with Rene, and checking her watch she says they better leave straight away if they're going to make it on time. Harvey gets out his laptop for her, so she can set up camp here as she tries to find the photographer and restaurant and makes their hotel bookings. Harvey offers to leave one of his credit cards but she just laughs at him.

"Harvey, please, I might not have a genius memory like some people but I totally memorized all your card numbers years ago."

"I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified," Harvey tells her.

Donna beams. "Then all is as it should be. Go."

The moment Rene wrangles him into the first suit, Mike begins to wish they'd just eloped to Vegas in jeans and a t-shirt. Or Hawaii, where they could get married barefoot on the beach.

And Harvey, the smug bastard, just laughs at Mike's pain. Because of course it took him and Rene all of about two minutes to pick something for Harvey. For the first time Mike wishes he'd gotten all his suits from Rene, because then Rene would know his size and style and the process would go much more smoothly, like it did with Harvey.

Seriously, Harvey just walked in and said they were getting married and Rene immediately pulled out what ended up being the perfect suit. It was a medium-grey color, and though the cut was the same as the suits Harvey normally wore it didn't look at all lawyer-y. The material was slightly thicker, more textured, and it made Mike want to run his fingers all over it. The suit jacket had a subtle plaid pattern, and it was paired with a simple white shirt and a black tie with an understated embossed paisley pattern. Obviously it fit him perfectly and looked amazing and Mike was torn between telling him he had to wear that suit always and tearing the outfit right off him, bystanders be damned.

Of course, finding his own suit is nowhere near as easy. Harvey's outfit is perfect; not quite corporate, that perfect balance between dressy enough for the occasion but casual enough for the intimacy of the event. But the ones that Rene pulls for Mike make him feel like's he playing dress-ups in ill-fitting suits, or even worse, trying on outfits for work. They're not bad, they're just - not right.

After the fifth suit Mike's starting to get tired and frustrated, despairing that they'll never find something. He glances over at Harvey, and the older man heads over to him, grasping his upper arms lightly and asking, "What is it?"

"They're all just so wrong," Mike groans. "But I don't know what I want either."

Harvey nods. "Let's try something." He then cups a hand over Mike's eyes. "I want you to just take a moment, picture tomorrow in your mind. Tell me what you see."

Mike takes a deep breath, allows the vision to come to him. He imagines Harvey in the suit he just picked out, smiling at him, putting a ring on his finger. He doesn't see himself, doesn't see the guests or even the room they're standing in, all he can see is Harvey.

"I see you," Mike says, softly. "That's all. Just you."

He can feel Harvey drop his hand, so he opens his eyes again, blinking in the light as he looks at Harvey. The older man keeps his gaze for a moment, staring into his eyes, before he nods, smiling as he steps back off the dais and heading back to Rene.

Mike watches on curiously as Harvey whispers something into his ear, and then Rene is grinning, exiting the showroom to the storeroom out back. Mike quirks an eyebrow, but Harvey remains silent. And then Rene returns, and when Mike sees the suit lying across his arms, he grins.

It feels right, putting this suit on, and when he steps out of the changing room he barely notices the smiles of Rene and his assistant. All he sees is Harvey, looking at him like he's never seen before, and Mike detours to his fiancé to press a quick kiss on his lips before stepping up on the dais.

Rene flutters around him, surveying and pinning, and Mike just stares at himself in the mirror. It's perfect. The suit jacket is a color Mike can only describe as a dark slate blue, and it's paired with dark grey pants. The cut of the jacket is lean, the lapels thin, and it sits on his shoulders with ease. There is a tie in a matching shade, and his shirt is a simple, plain white.

Rene is commenting about some quick alterations they can do by tomorrow to make sure it fits perfectly, but Mike doesn't hear him. An idea steals into his mind, and he grins, pulling on Rene's sleeve and whispering it into the tailor's ear.

Rene looks amazed at the suggestion, asking incredulously, "Really?"

Mike nods. "Really."

"If only you were this open to suit shopping your first time here," Rene says as he walks away, but a grin softens the words.

"What's going on?" Harvey asks when they're alone.

"You'll see," Mike teases.

When Rene re-enters the room, Mike tells Harvey to close his eyes, and after a brief grumble he assents. Mike pulls the tie from around his neck, and because he still has no idea how to do the damn things, Rene ties the bowtie for him.

"Okay," Mike says when he's done, "Open your eyes."

Harvey's jaw literally drops open when he sees Mike in the bowtie. It matches the color of his pants, pulling the whole outfit together, and he can tell Harvey loves it as much as he does.

Rene continues with his nipping and tucking, and once done he promises it will be ready by the end of the day. Mike is about to head back to the changing room to get dressed when he hears Harvey call Rene's name.

"Any chance you could find me a tie to match his jacket?" Harvey asks.

Mike grins, and Rene does too when he replies, "I'm sure I can find something."

Once the suits have been sorted it's time for lunch, so they find a random hot dog cart and grab a quick bite to eat. Figuring now is as good a time as any, they each get on their cells and call up everyone they want to invite. Harvey's first call is to Judge Morrison, and Harvey rolls his eyes at Mike as he listens to Anthony laugh down the line at Harvey's surprising news. But he agrees, even going so far as to call the request 'an honor', and Harvey gives him the time and location and says he'll see him tomorrow.

Harvey then calls home. It's Gordon who answers, so Harvey gives him all the details, tells him the address of the hotel, lets him know they're booking rooms for him and Nate. His dad doesn't seem at all surprised that they've managed to get things moving along so quickly. Harvey knows that Mike has more calls to make than he does, so he chats amiably to his dad for a while, and when he eventually hangs up, it's with his dad saying he looks forward to seeing them both tomorrow before bidding him goodbye.

The next person on the list is Jessica. He does feel slightly guilty that he's inviting her via telephone, not seeing her in person, but the time restraints being what they are there is little choice in the matter.

It's still the middle of a work day, so he does her the courtesy of calling her work number in case she's busy. Once he gets past her assistant, he can tell she's surprised that he's calling her - since he's still on vacation - but she asks him how his break is going and he asks how work's going and it's all very pleasant.

"So, Harvey, care to tell me the reason you're calling? Because I know it's not just to say hello," she says after a few minutes of idle chit chat.

Harvey smiles. He's always loved how no-nonsense she is. "Well, Mike and I are getting married tomorrow, and I wanted to invite you. I know this might be a surprise since you didn't invite me to yours, but I decided to be the bigger person and let that go."

"Really, Harvey? You hide an entire relationship from me - with your subordinate and under my nose, I might add - and you're still mad I didn't tell you about a relationship that didn't last while you were living in another state?" she chuckles.

Harvey laughs, and decides not to press the subject. "So, will you be there?"

There is a pause, long enough for Harvey to feel a prickling of concern, before Jessica's voice comes over the line. "Of course I will."

"Thank you, Jessica," he says, sincere. He gives her all the details and hangs up the phone.

He's done with his share of the calls, so he just needs to wait for Mike to be done before they can head off for their next task. But apparently Mike doesn't know how to invite someone to an event and quickly end the conversation. Because seriously, he's calling people to invite them to a wedding, so how the hell is Mike now talking about the relative merits of the latest Luc Besson film?

Harvey just glares at Mike, who, caught out, blushes and stammers down the line that he has to go and he'll see them tomorrow. When he hangs up the phone and opens his mouth to speak, Harvey just holds up a hand and says, "I don't want to know."

Mike has to make one last phone call, and with Harvey listening in he keeps it short and simple.

The next item on the list is their rings, so Harvey decides to keep the rom-com theme going by hailing a cab and telling the driver to take them to Tiffany's on Fifth Ave. Yes, it's slightly cliché, and wouldn't ordinarily be his first choice, but the decision is worth it for Mike's face alone when they walk in the front door.

Choosing the rings is easier than choosing the suits (well, Mike's suit). Harvey is surprised by how overwhelmed he is by all the choices, but when he looks to Mike the younger man is clearly feeling no such compunction. Mike immediately points to three different rings, and when he tries on the second one decides that it's the one.

Harvey is too busy staring at the platinum band around Mike's left ring finger to even notice the salesman trying to get his attention. He just stares at it, unprepared for how overcome he feels by seeing the polished material against Mike's skin. He's honestly never put too much thought into wedding rings before, but seeing it there, a physical manifestation of their commitment, a signal to all and sundry that Mike isn't available, that they belong to each other, it reverberates around his chest.

He's only pulled out of the daze by Mike tugging on his arm, and when he looks up it's to see his fiancé grinning at him, asking, "You still with us?"

Harvey smiles, tries to shake it off, embarrassed. "Of course."

"Would you care to look at anything?" the salesman asks.

Harvey glances into the cabinet, but his eyes trail back to the ring which Mike is now sliding off his finger. "Are there any that would go with Mike's?"

The salesman smiles, pulling out two rings. They both look fairly similar, are just different widths. They have a similar finish to Mike's ring, but where Mike's band was square in shape these are slightly more rounded. They're not the same, they don't match, but they complement Mike's ring.

Harvey tries them both on, and quickly decides on the thicker band. And because nothing could go one hundred per cent smoothly, of course Mike's ring fits perfectly but they don't have the ring Harvey chose in his size. The salesman apologizes profusely, says they can get their in-house jewellers to resize the ring or he can get the thinner version as they have his size in stock.

"If I get the band resized will it be ready by tomorrow?" Harvey asks.

The salesman looks slightly panicked, and he excuses himself to the other end of the counter and picks up the phone. While they watch him talk to God knows who, Harvey can't help but mutter, "Is anything going to go smoothly today?"

Mike doesn't say anything, just leans in closer, chin pressing into his shoulder and fingers wrapping around his hand.

The salesman slides back and says, "If you need it by tomorrow I can put a rush on it. It should be ready in time. And I can also put your size ring in the other design aside for you in case it isn't ready in time so you're not left empty handed."

Harvey nods, relieved. "Okay, let's do it."

They fill in the appropriate paperwork and Harvey pulls out his wallet to pay for the rings but Mike beats him to it. He hands over his card to the salesman, who takes it and begins processing the payment, not even noticing the looks passing between his two customers.

Harvey wants to insist on paying, but he can tell by the jut of Mike's jaw and the look in his eyes that he's just daring Harvey to fight him on this. And Harvey thinks about it, thinks about them moving forward as equals, remembers how when they first met Mike hated spending five hundred dollars on five different suits and yet today he just dropped several thousand dollars on two pieces of jewellery without even blinking, and he bites back any argument he was going to make. Because Mike is his partner now, his equal, and Harvey's man enough to admit that it might be a hard habit to break, not always treating Mike like a subordinate, but he figures where better to start? So he nods at Mike, putting his wallet away, and Mike smiles because can see that Harvey gets it.

Mike feels sufficiently exhausted by the time they make it home.

Donna's sitting at the kitchen counter, glass of white wine in hand as she looks at the laptop. "How'd it go?" she asks when they walk in the door.

Mike barely grunts in reply, heading straight past her to collapse face first onto the couch.

"That good, huh?" Donna laughs.

Mike rolls over to see Donna has twisted in her chair to face him. Harvey is standing by the couch, the couch that Mike is taking up the entirety of, so Mike lifts his feet, allowing Harvey to sit down before he puts his feet in Harvey's lap.

"It was fine," Harvey tells her. "How did things go for you?"

"Good. I've booked Gordon and Nate adjoining rooms. Nate's is a double in case the kids can make it, and I've booked you two a suite. I've narrowed it down to three restaurants and two photographers, whom I've contacted and are all available tomorrow. What did you want to look at first?"

"Restaurant," Mike says, then immediately regrets it, because it makes his stomach growl.

"Okay," Donna says, bringing the laptop over and setting it on the coffee table in front of them. Mike reluctantly sits so he can see the screen better. "They are all in the same neighborhood as the Chilton, so there won't be much distance to travel." She pulls up the browser that has the websites for all three restaurants, one in each browser tab, before dropping into the single chair next to the couch and allowing them to peruse.

Harvey and Mike silently browse the options, looking at their photo galleries, and, at Mike's insistence, their menus. Once they've looked at all three Mike quickly decides on the last one, and when he announces this Harvey just looks at him and grins, "You only want them because they're the only restaurant with burgers on the menu."

Mike grins, doesn't even bother to deny it. "Come on, Harvey. Don't make me eat all that fancy crap at my own wedding." Harvey rolls his eyes, and because he looks like he's about to argue, Mike pipes up with, "And think of poor Owen and Maisie. We can't feed them trout with black truffle sauce or duck confit or any of those ridiculous dishes."

Harvey chuckles. "Fine," he says, then turns to Donna. "Book it."

Donna is already dialing, and as she puts the phone up to her ear she says, "I'll book their private dining room, have a bit of space and privacy. The other browser has the photographer information if you want to start looking at that."

Harvey clicks over into the other browser, and the two of them look through their portfolios. Harvey immediately decides on Rose Faber Photography, and when Mike asks why he says because the photos from the first photographer looked too "pose-y".

Donna is busy making phone calls, so Harvey squeezes Mike's knee before getting up and heading to the kitchen to make them an early dinner. Mike watches as Harvey moves easily around the kitchen, as Donna talks on her cell and taps away at her tablet, the way the two old friends talk once Donna's off the phone. Mike feels overwhelmed with a sense of home and contentment, but at the same time, there is something wrong, something that sits low in his stomach that he does his best to ignore. Mike smiles whenever Harvey looks over at him, answers whenever Donna asks a question, but as the minutes pass the trepidation starts to spread.

At dinner, the three of them sitting around the dining table, Donna goes over the schedule for tomorrow. Mike, mind still elsewhere, makes a concerted effort to listen. She's made an appointment for them both at Harvey's barber for a shave and hair trim in the morning. Then Mike will go have his last fitting with Rene and pick up the suits while Harvey goes and picks up the rings. They'll have to be at the Chilton to meet with their Event Manager by two to go over everything before the ceremony starts at half past three, so they should get there just before that to check in.

It all sounds so simple, and the three of them eat and they chat and Mike can't help but feel like something's missing. There's something they've forgotten about. There's something in him that screams in warning, but he doesn't know what it is.

After dinner Donna suggests they go out, have an impromptu bachelor party for them both, and relief floods through Mike's veins when Harvey politely declines. Donna makes some comment about them celebrating in private, and she makes to leave, packing away her belongings and shrugging on her coat.

Mike, because politeness was drilled into him from his Grammy, crosses the room and kisses her goodbye, puts on a big smile and says he'll see her tomorrow, before turning and crossing the condo to his and Harvey's bedroom. He strips down to his t-shirt and boxers, making a point to put his clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor, before crawling into bed. It isn't remotely near bed time, but he just wants to be in here, wrapped up in the warmth he always feels in this room. He sits in bed, leaned back against the bed headboard. He can hear Harvey moving around the apartment, cleaning up the kitchen, loading the dishes into the dishwasher. He knows Harvey will come in and see him sooner or later, and Mike thinks he's cleaning up now to give Mike a bit more space before he does so.

Mike really fucking loves Harvey for that.

It's probably ten minutes later that Harvey walks into the bedroom. Mike looks up and meets his gaze when the older man enters, and Harvey looks slightly guarded but mostly just concerned. He sits on the bed in front of Mike and asks, "What's wrong?"

Mike had no doubt that Harvey knew something was up with him. Harvey knows him better than anyone in the world, and he knows that anytime Mike is willingly this silent that something's wrong.

"You haven't changed your mind, have you?" Harvey asks, before Mike even has the chance to speak, and desperately wanting to reassure Harvey that that isn't what this is about, he shakes his head, leaning forward and kissing Harvey, a slow but lingering press of lips.

"No, of course not. It's just..." Mike doesn't know how to say this, but he knows they need to talk about it now, that they've been avoiding the topic too long. "In all the excitement of us getting together for real and planning the wedding and everything, we haven't really talked about the fact that I'm likely to get deported soon."

"You're not-"

"You don't know that," Mike interrupts, Harvey's lectures be damned. "It's probably just as likely that they find against us as for us. And that would've sucked had we just gotten married and been secretly pining for each other. But now, now that we know the truth and are getting married for real, I can't even think about what'll happen if they reject us, but I can't not think about it either. What if we get married and I'm still denied residency? What happens then?"

In all honesty Mike isn't expecting an actual answer from Harvey. Because he doesn't think there is one, can't imagine that Harvey has even thought about this in the whirlwind that has been the last three days (and fuck, has it really only been three days since they got together?).

Harvey just reaches over, wraps Mike's hand in the two of his. "Do you trust me?"

Mike furrows his eyebrows in confusion at such a question, but answers with an adamant, "Yes, you know I do. More than anyone."

Harvey nods. "Good. So trust me now. You are not going to get deported. I won't allow it. And if they try, I will fight like hell to keep you here. You know I will." Mike opens his mouth to interrupt, to ask that one question he needs answered. But because Harvey really does know him better than anyone, he beats him to it. "Yes, Mike. In an absolute worst case scenario where you were deported and couldn't return, of course I'd go to Canada with you."

Mike just leans forward, pulls Harvey to him, pressing their mouths together in a desperate kiss. He moves back, dragging Harvey with him, the older man pushing onto his knees so he can move into Mike's lap, pressing their bodies together. He tries to say, "I love you," against Harvey's lips, but every time he tries, Harvey swallows the words with his mouth.

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