October 26th, 2013

suits 1x11

whatever the question

Title: whatever the question
Fandom: Suits
Ship: Harvey/Mike
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Say it with me now ~ me ... don't ... own.
Summary: When Harvey and Mike are called into Jessica's office, they're convinced she has discovered the truth about Mike's past. And she has, just not in the way they anticipated. It's revealed that Mike isn't actually an American citizen, and Harvey does what he always does: covers for Mike. He says the first idea that comes into his head, which just happens to result in Harvey telling the American government that he and Mike are getting married.
Authors Notes: So, this is AU because, apart from Mike's past, there are a few other minor changes. In terms of canon, only the events of season one occurred in this verse, so no one knows the truth about Mike's lack of law degree. Also, characters that are dead in canon are alive and well here because of reasons. (I wrote this before season three started, so Harvey's brother has a different name, and Gordon might be slightly different than in canon.)
This is 40k of domestic goodness and zero plot, so consider yourselves warned. :O)
It probably won't take you too long to work out that the core of this fic was inspired by The Proposal, but it's definitely it's own story.
A million hugs and kisses to my dear friend and beta, smartalli, because without her this fic would literally not exist. I love you, bb.

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