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because i still love all the pretty, my old profile (changed over on 28 may 08):

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The Trio // We're with you whatever happens
Tumnus and Lucy are friends in an instant love
Tumnus and Lucy are tactile love
James and Georgie are adoring love

HHr is Delusional Hug Love! by yolaura

House is Love
made by magique_icons

Dave Matthews Band is creative, inspiring, sweet love.

Viktor/Hermione is beautiful first love
Viktor/Hermione is beautiful first love

David Thewlis is Love
Made by harvesterj88

C/C was definitely worth the wait

made by carmendove

The Fellowship is Love
Made by harvesterj88

By tardisdoll

By avictoriangirl

By ellington_sneak

By __sele__

By ferretkabob

By wiitarded

By loonie_julie

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Profile changed over 3/7/09:

i am the silent one inside

Rachel. mid-twenties. Australian. movie fanatic. music fan. fangirl. creative. honest. realistic.

Harry Potter fics. Narnia fics. other random fics. icons. mood themes. colourbars. real life randomness.

Harry Potter series. Narnia. Jane Eyre. Hairspray. Clue. All Jane Austen movies. Labyrinth. Disney animated movies. The Princess Bride. Stardust. Shaun of the Dead. Enchanted. Lord of the Rings trilogy. Breakfast at Tiffanys. Atonement. Wizard of Oz. Return to Me.

Lost. House. Gossip Girl. Doctor Who. Greys Anatomy. Ugly Betty. Project Runway. The X-Files. Roswell. Dexter. Robin Hood. M*A*S*H. Shameless. Good News Week. Skins. Spicks and Specks. Will & Grace.

Dave Matthews Band. David Gray. Sting/The Police. Vanessa Carlton. Brooke Fraser. David Bowie. Damien Rice. Danielle Spencer. Josh Groban. James Morrison. Siobhan Donaghy. A Fine Frenzy. Kyo. Coldplay. Snow Patrol.

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If you like what you see, feel free to friend. I do not automatically friend back. I usually friend back if we strike up conversations on my LJ, or if we have several interests and/or friends in common.

currently loving – july 09

Star Trek: Voyager. Project Runway. Lost. Gossip Girl. Spicks & Specks. Good News Week.

Song: Foreign Land - Eskimo Joe. Blood on the Dancefloor- Michael Jackson. The Letter - Hoobastank & Vanessa Amorosi. All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson.
Album: Big Whiskey & the Groo Grux King - Dave Matthews Band. Spring Awakening OBCR. A Hundred Million Suns - Snow Patrol. All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson.

Star Trek. X-Men. The Jane Austen Book Club. The Village. The Road to El Dorado.

Tom/B'Elanna. Harry/Geraldine. Kirk/McCoy. Wolverine/Rogue. Jocelyn/Grigg. Nate/Jenny. Dan/Blair. Knightley/Emma.

Melchior: I'm calling and one day all will know.
[Spring Awakening]

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